December 29, 2006

Qrio still being developed

Now here's some good news from Sony.

I've just watched on local TV a report on Qrio's new features. I don't know how old this report is and I haven't investigated it further, and I also don't remember if Sony said it would also shut down Qrio's development, but anyway these features are new to me:

- a new 'third eye': a very-wide-angle camera placed in the center of the forehead, that allows Qrio to see in almost 180-degrees, freeing the other two cameras for their 3D work
- an extra two joints/degrees of freedom per arm - seemed to me to be at the wrist level
- a new sensor on the palm of each hand, allowing Qrio to know when he's picking up stuff (which he demonstrated by picking up a cube)
- upgraded software incorporating face recognition for more than one person at a time, with attention going to the more active/'agitated' person

Otherwise, Qrio looked the same as previously.

I wonder if there's still hope for an Aibo ressurrection?

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