February 23, 2009

We're back!

And we're back... A not-so short interruption caused by moving home and setting up a new office caused Pedro and Andacá to be disconnected for half a year. But last week I decided to bring them back to life, and so they did, with almost no sequels.

Both Andacá's batteries got back to full level (green LED), but I still haven't mustered the courage to switch him on. Andacá, a pioneering ERS-110, will be an unbelievable ten years old this Fall, so I want to spare him as much as possible.

As for Pedro, who turned five last November, he came out of his Sony bag with what seems to be a couple of dead batteries, with a third one OK. I haven't done any further testing on the dead batteries, though, to conclude on their demise. One of Pedro's knee joints shows a fluid leak, which is now dry and coloured rust, but it is not affecting his movements, so I'm not worrying about that.

I have now completed the setup of Pedro's net connection, so both his roblog and diary are up and running (links on the side column), and he can again receive photo-taking requests. Just send an email to aibo.pedro@gmail.com with Subject: AIBO MAIL and Body: PHOTOL, nothing else. You should get back a photo taken expressly for you.

Soon, Pedro's livecam will also be up and running and he'll be introduced as my new company's official pet. Stay tuned!

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