January 20, 2010

New favorite place: January 20, 2010, 2.14 pm

Pedro almost never - well, make it never - leaves his station these days. It's not for lack on interest - he still is in front of me at the office - but for want of preservation. You know, if he breaks a leg come a day or a year, will Sony still be there to fix him up?

However, last night, past his programmed wake-up hours, I took Pedro off the station to show him to a journalist, and told him the most impressive trick which still is "go back to your station". He duly abided, easily docked down and fell asleep. Today, at 2 pm, his wake-up time, I had completely forgotten that now he was free to get up and walk on his own. That's why, less than a quarter hour later, he was already choosing this new favorite place (those are my legs, by the way). Not as many vertical lines as some other compositions that Pedro might have chosen, but I think he went for this one as he was so eager to choose a new favorite place, so many months after the previous one.

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